Top Country Decor Ideas and Solutions

When decorating your home, there will be a stage when you want to decorate the bathroom. Once you have the main items installed, it will be time to look at accessories and among these will be country shower curtains. The good news is that whatever color scheme you have chosen, there will be one that fits it to perfection.

Give the bathroom a special look without having to bring in designers – this is a make-over that you can do yourself. Choosing the outstanding pieces you want will be easy as there are so many that it will be impossible not to find suitable ones. Country bathroom decor can follow styles from the past, with white wooden drawers and a chair, and while many may not choose this, a stand with a Victorian washing bowl and pitcher will finish the look off perfectly.

If you select these items, the ideal shower curtain will be white to fit in or in a gingham print of pale colors. If you decide that the style will be more modern, then the choice widens. Floral is always popular and on a cold winter morning country shower curtains showing bright pretty flowers will be the pick me up you need to start the day.

Choosing curtains to match the country shower curtains may work with some designs, but for others it will be too much, especially if it is a fairly small bathroom.  If walls and shower curtains are in a pale color, this will make the room look larger and when using it you won’t feel so cramped – dark colors as you would imagine will have the opposite effect.

Storage in a bathroom will be important and many stores will still sell items that are suitable for a country bathroom decor. Some stands can have a shelf for towels, one for toiletries and then the top can be used for a shaving/washing system as previously mentioned, or maybe a mirror.

Not all country bathroom decor needs to be based in the past, and does not have to be white. The popular color for 2017 is Shadow although this is not the grey color expected, but a deep and luxurious purple – pretty much the color of an aubergine. It won’t be present in all items, but when used on a main wall, can be effective and appealing.

In the past, there will have been many recycled items used, and this was more out of necessity than a desire to save the planet. Dark pieces of Victorian furniture will have been painted in brighter colors and given a new lease of life. While there are many of these pieces still around, it will be possible to buy new ones that will be just as suitable.

Whether you choose to get items from the past or totally news ones, you will enjoy the experience of putting together your bathroom, and don’t forget about country shower curtains to finish off the look.


Primitive Country Decorating Ideas


Primitive country decorating is a fashion approach of blending the rustic comforts using the medium of folk arts characteristic of the early American period.  Basically, this decorating style makes use of typical elements with muted colors in a rough and simple look, so that the effect is like an antique look but utilizing new materials.  For the sake of coming out with an antique effect, the furniture are either tea or coffee stained or sand-polished to look aged.  Wood staining was a technique introduced by primitive folk artists during the early American period.  The outcome of primitive country decorating has a shabby rustic feel, yet elegant.

Primitive country kitchen decor is a homey feel, which hopes to bring back the way of life before – simple, a time when reducing, reusing and recycling was a way of life.

Using color brings life from a decorating style.  Muted and warm colors epitomize the primitive country style and examples of which are: union blue, barn red, dark umber, butter cream, old sage, putty, farmhouse tan, walnut, antique white, burgundy, lamp black, mustard, and many more.

There are great and imaginative materials which are typically found in country homes, such as pip berries, barn stars or Pennsylvania stars, gingham, country candles and lights, sheep symbol, willow trees, inspirational wood signs, saltbox houses, cloth dolls, distressed furniture, chicken wire, wooden spoons, wooden fixture, mason jars, and these can be creatively converted into accent pieces following the primitive country style. Visit this website at and learn more about home décor.

The most simple yet creative ideas can be reused and recycled in country home items to bring out the objective of primitive country style and examples of these are – pip berries are gathered into garlands, barn stars, which were believed to bring luck, are placed on top of the console, gingham fabrics as table covers or primitive curtains materials, inspirational wood signs of willow trees, decorative saltboxes in children’s room, cloth dolls or rag dolls as decorative pieces, distressed furniture in the living and dining room and kitchen, chicken wire to serve as bulletin board, wooden spoons as kitchen decors, mason jars as liquid soap vessels, etc.

The creative possibilities are endless when applying primitive country styling since most of the pieces are reused, such that bouquets of dried herbs can be hanged from ceiling of a rustic kitchen, quilts that can used as a wall d?cor, using antique chandeliers, reuse an old farmhouse table, substitute chairs with wooden benches, re-upholster vintage sofas, invest on old wood furniture, worn patinas can serve as rustic decors, and many more.

The popularity of primitive country styling among homeowners is understandable considering that generally almost all of the interior pieces in the home are inexpensive, since the idea is to reuse or if not recycle old materials just to get that simple, country feel.